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The 12 opaque colors Total Cover AERO COLOR Professional

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Schmincke inks from the Aero Color Professional airbrush range

Totally opaque colors :

821, 826, 831, 833, 838, 841, 843, 847, 851, 858, 867, 869

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28ml bottle of extra fine acrylic airbrush ink

The Schmincke range is an ink more than a paint ; this implies that its fluidity is very important, and this is what allows an artistic use turned towards the realization of details with the finest nozzles. The Schmincke range is really an artist's range with traditional colors such as Sienna ochre, Prussian blue, phthallo green, directly derived from the pigments of the ancient world.

In the world of airbrushes, the greatest artists (such as Alina Tarasenko, or Dru Blair for example) recommend this brand which is qualified as the "Rolls-Royce of airbrush paint".

The 12 opaque Total Cover colors

28821023 bright yellow

28826023 naphthol orange

28831023 cadmium red hue

28833023 ruby red

28838023 dioxazine violet

28841023 phthalo blue

28843023 dark blue

28847023 turquoise phthalo

28851023 yellowish phthalo green

28858023 chromium oxide green

28867023 English red

28869023 van Dyck brown

Aero Color inks represent more than 56 authentic colors.

Out of these colors, only 12 are perfectly opaque, i.e. they cover completely and give an intense and even color over a black or white background.

Schmincke paints are composed of 56 colors from natural UV-resistant and micronized pigments. Their concentration is maximum and the yield is exceptionally high : with a few drops of Schmincke paint it is possible to cover a relatively large surface. The Aero Color range is composed of naturally opaque (Total Cover) and semi-transparent (Standard) colors, some others are completely transparent and form the Candy range.

Instructions for use :

Also suitable for nibs, liners, and brushes.

Shake well before use

Use with nozzle 0.15 mm or larger.

Maximum pigmentation

Maximum UV resistance

Water diluable

Waterproof when dry

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