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SLS® Ready2Use Kits - Disposable paint buckets for sprayguns

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Complete SLS system with disposable Snap Lid cups and lids, available in 4 different mesh sizes 90/130/190/280 µm
Box of 50 cups 350 ml + 50 lids per µm
Box of 50 cups 700 ml + 50 lids per µm

and different accessories:
- SLS adapters for all types of guns available in the drop-down menu
- Pack of 100 Caps for Snap Lid® lids

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Preparation and application buckets finally combined into a unique device


SLS Ready2Use kit 90 Microns
SLS Ready2Use kit 130 Microns

SLS Ready2Use kit 190 Microns
SLS Ready2Use kit 280 Microns


- 50 Covers Colad SLS® (in one single micron type) to choose: 

- 50 Buckets Colad 700ml : disposable plastic buckets for preparing colourss. Transparent, printed graduations with various ratios

Adapters for any type of spray guns sold separately* (select the appropriate adapter for your spraygun on this page in the dropdown menu)

- Simple, clean and fast application solution
The cover fits directly on the 700ml Colad bucket
- Very economical: less cleaning!
Compatible with solvent-based or water-based paints
- Adapter available for all type of guns
- Large selection of filters (130, 190µm - 90 and 280µm)
- Perfect conservation of unused paint
- Reduces the costs of paint preparation process
- Comes with Quick Start instructions + instructional videos!

The adapters are sold individually. We have some types in stock (to find adapters use the dropdown menu on this page)

Other adapters available on request (72hrs). To order contact us at: info@stardustcolors.com

SnapLid cover caps

Features and Benefits: The cap fits snugly over the top of the lid and is easily distinguished by its red color.
For single use in case of contact with paint!
Application: Used to temporarily close Colad Snap Lid® lids and protect shades from dust. You can also use the cap to protect the gun adapter and keep the fluid passage dust free.
Technical characteristics: Material: PP (Polypropylene) resistant to thinners
Color : Red
Packaging: bag of 100 pieces

Question Answer:

Q: Are new disposable cups compatible with older gun adapters? Or should the adapter be changed?

A: We have to change the adapters for our new lids, the fastening method being different (lugs with stop on the old PCLS model, thread on the new SLS model).

Find your adapter for each brand of spray gun:

on the left in red, click on "find adapter"

then select the brand of the gun and then the model

Listing :

Adapter SLS SATA                                 9370A02
Adapter SLS SATA QCC                        9370A04
Adapter SLS Mini SATA QCC                9370A05
Adapter SLS Mini Sata / Sagola          9370A06
Adapter SLS DeVilbiss Mini                 9370A08
Adapter SLS Iwata W400                     9370A09
Adapter SLS Sagola   9370A10
Adapter SLS Sagola Xtreme                9370A11
Adapter SLS Walcom                       9370A12
Adapter SLS Iwata Supernova / AZ   9370A13
Adapter SLS DeVilbiss GTI                   9370A14
Adapter SLS Iwata LPH80                    9370A18
Adapter SLS ANI                                    9370A19
Adapter SLS Aerometal                       9370A20

Find the adapter

To find the complete list of adapters for each spray gun brand, click here:





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