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Realize yourself the water transfer of your automotive parts!

3 Complete Hydro Dipping Kits that include:

* Transfer films
SPRAY Kit: 1m²
PRO Kit: 3m²
MASTER Kit: 10m²

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Realize yourself the water transfer of your automotive parts!

Can be combined, to choose among our models in stock. Refer to the PDF colour chart for the films in stock and email us your choice after placing the order.

Catalogue Hydro-Transfert - STARDUSTCOLORS

* The accessories:
- High density polyethylene hydro dip tank to be filled with water to make small or medium parts,  703×500×390mm (137 L)
- Dip net to clean the water after soaking,
- Spray guns for water- or solvent-based auto body paint, for PRO (1 spray gun) and MASTER (case) Kits
- Water sandpapers: 180, 320, 800, 1200, 1500, 2000, 3000 and 5000 grits for the PRO and MASTER kits and 320, 800 and 1200 grits for the SPRAY Kit
and in addition for the "MASTER" Kit: 3 large abrasive sponges: yellow (1200), grey (800), green (320)
- Adhesive paper to frame the film

* Products:
Anti-silicone degreaser to clean painted backgrounds or backgrounds that need to be soaked.
Thinner for cleaning tools and spray guns
Activator for water transfer in can or aerosol
Special undercoat for water transfer (3 colours to choose from: white, black, brown beige, to be confirmed by email after placing your order), in can or aerosol.
Professional auto body clear coat

Details for the HYDRO DIPPING SPRAY Kit

1 HDPE Tray, 137 L
1 Aluminum dip net
1 Spray gun grip
1 Activator Aerosol
1 Basic aerosol 2C
1 Topcoat spray 2C
1m² Transfer films
3 water sandpapers
125ml Degreaser
1 Adhesive 24mmx50m

Details for the HYDRO DIPPING "PRO" Kit

1 HDPE Tray, 137 L
1 Aluminum dip net
1 Spray gun 1.4mm
1L Activator
3m² Transfer films
8 water sandpapers
250ml Degreaser
White basic Kit, 1.25L
1.4L Finishes Topcoat
1L Thinner for cleaning
1 Adhesive 24mm x 50m

Details for the "MASTER” Kit

1 HDPE Tray, 137 L
1 Aluminum dip net
1 case of 3 spray guns
3L Activator 
10m² Transfer films
8 water sandpapers
3 abrasive sponges
1L Degreaser
3x 1.25L Basic Kit 3 colours
2x 1.4L Finishes Topcoat Kit
5L Thinner for cleaning
2 Adhesives 24mm x 50m


> The special 2K base for Dipping (24h dipping)
It’s suitable for many substrates as it adheres directly on plastics, paints and metals.
It includes the tinted base, 10% hardener + 15% thinner: 1 kit = 10-12m²
Mixing ratio: 100 parts of base per 10 parts of hardener, and thin with 15 parts of thinner. The mixture can be used for 12hrs.
This Cel-Dip base dries quickly: The parts can be soaked for 1 hour and until 24 hours after application, without sanding.
- PRO Kit: 1 White Kit, 1.25L 1 colour of your choice - cannot be split!
- MASTER Kit: 3 kits (white, black, brown beige, or colours of your choice to be specified by email after placing the order)
- the SPRAY version includes a special aerosol, with a hardener to be pressed before use

> Glossy Finishes Topcoat 830
This 1.5L UHS Topcoat Kit includes 1L of clear coat, 330ml of hardener + 150ml of thinner
It’s a high-quality clear coat, which is mixed with 100 parts of topcoat, 33 parts of hardener and thinned to 10%. It’s applied in 2 passes using a spray gun. The mixture can be used for 30 minutes.
For the spray version, it’s an aerosol, with a hardener to be pressed before use

> The MASTER Kit with case including 3 spray guns:
It contains 1 spray gun for primers, a 1.7mm nozzle + 1 spray gun for base and clear coat 1.4mm + 1 mini spray gun for touch-up work and small parts

Kit Pistolets H827 - STARDUSTCOLORS

To create an exhibition wall for customers, we propose demo "speedshapes" available in two sizes


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