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Magnetic Paint 250 ml


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Magnetic paint is an original solution to create a surface that magnets will stick to, whether on a wall, a ceiling, a piece of furniture or as equipment.

It can be applied over multiple substrates: surfaces are prepared beforehand (dusting, drying, degreasing, sanding...): materials can be cardboard, wood, painted paper or iron...

Particular attention must be paid with adhesion: if heavy objects are expected to be fixed on, the magnetic paint may come off from the support, if an inadequate sanding has been made beforehand.

Magnetic paint efficiency occurs at the first pass applied, through its hight content in metallic particles.

The appearance of the dry paint is grey, hard and non-glossy. To give it a more attractive look, any mural painting can be applied over. Magnetic paint thus functions as a primer.

Covering is immediately done after drying, which is very fast, or after some hours/days, after ensuring that the magnetic paint has been sanded thoroughly,
for example with an abrasive sponge, to recreate a good adherence.

Flammable and harmful product, to be used in a well ventilated area. Nitrocellulose Based.

Brush, Roll, Spray gun, in 2 passes.

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