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The rust effect paint gives to any surface a realistic rusted metal look, with an aged and matt appearance. Patina can be achieved over time if it's submitted to bad weather.
It's a catalyzed finish: After hardening, the paint will become resistant, and thus doesn't require clear coat: it can be left as it is.
The paint can be complete, or applied with touches

Our offer kit 2.250L includes
1L of basecoat
250ml of catalyzer
1L of activator

Our offer kit 11L includes
5L of basecoat
1250ml of hardener
5L of activator

Suggested associated products:
Abrasive sheets
Universal cleaning thinner


Aspect: opaque grey liquid, with a thick texture


Coverage : we can treat 5 to 6m² per liter of base in 2 layers.
(1L in the kit 2.250L - 5L in the kit 11 Liters) "

User manual :
Add the catalyzer : about 250ml per litre of basecoat, or mixture in weight: 2037g of basecoat + 250g hardener.
After having added the catalyzer, it's important to use the mixture and clean the spray gun within 30 minutes, before the product starts to harden.
Ensure that the product has been perfectly shaken or stirred before use : the mixture obtained must be fluid and homogeneous.

Tool :
With a spray gun (by preference) 1.2 - 1.4mm for the "fine" version, and 1.7 for the "natural" version, or with a brush.
Support preparation :
On all types of supports, cleaned, degreased, sanded, dust-free and exempt of decontaminants
Application :
Apply 2 to 4 passes, to obtain a sufficient thickness and cover the background.
If the ambient temperature allows it, it's possible to apply successive passes, as the product resists to sagging.
Allow to air dry, or in a properly ventilated place, until tommorrow.
Wet sand strongly with 240 or 320 abrasive paper, until a very smooth surface is obtained (for a fine aspect) or by leaving some irregularities (for a natural aspect)
Spray the activator on the object, and let rust, if possible by mild or hot temperature. After drying, restart the procedure if needed.
Specific safety advices.
Wear a respiratory mask and ensure that you work in an area with good air circulation.
In case of contact, the activator may cause serious eye irritation.

It is possible to varnish the "RUST FX" paint with our Mat Varnish ST822
That allows an excellent grip on the Rust Fx paint, and stops the oxidation process

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