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Multicolorz series


The MulticolorZ range offers a selection of some automotive colours, showing elegant shades and gorgeous pearly effects.


250ml size

Several shades available

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The Multicolorz are high quality solvent based finishes, long-lasting and guaranteed. They are also at an incredible economical price. 



The paints are composed of micro particles (synthetic pearls) which are not added to any shades : The colours that you get after the application, are the result from light reflection, and not from adding colouring.

That’s why they must be applied over a black background so that the light can be reflected. That’s how work the components that make the purest and most resistant colours.



It’s easy to realise these paints and it's within reach of a beginner. The Multicolorz must always be applied over a black background (paint or primer), in very thin and successive passes, until the colour appears and the black is totally covered. As with any 1K basecoats, the coats dry in a few seconds and topcoating must be done within 30mn.



According to needs, we can produce the paints in automotive waterborne based version (recommended for French overseas users)

Type of paint : 1K basecoat, solvent based, mono-component, to topcoat

Offer: 250 ml, pre-thinned

Voc : >420g/L

Destination : Automotive, industry, decoration

Theorical coverage : 4~5 sqm / Litre pure

Type of support : It must be over a black background, paint or primer, sanded with P600~P800 wet or with P400 dry. Do not use degreaser that can affect the paint. Use our 95° alcohol.

Application : Spraygun 1.0~1.5mm, 3 to 4 thin successive coats until full coverage. Clear just after.

TOPCOATING : Use by preference our automotive clearcoat BS810 or BS830.


MSDS Pearl paint

MSDS Pearl paint


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