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Kit contents :

•  1L  paint for the background: (On choice : metallic grey aluminium undercoat, Black or white basecoat)

•  500ml of Arco Iris (for the intercoat effect)

•  1L of  UHS clearcoat + 330ml of hardener + 150ml thinner



Very fine and intense rainbow irisdescence

The colour of the background has a big influence on the holographic effect (see pictures attached)

Over a black background, it gives an intense prismatic effect.

Over an aluminium background, it creates a moderate metallic rainbow-like effect.

Over a white background, it produces a more subtle and elegant effect.

Application :

Very simple:

Background’s application. Drying 5 minutes.

Arco Iris application, a few very thin passes, until desired effect.

Topcoating right after with the UHS clear coat.



The three steps are carried out successively. The paint for the background and the Stardust® holographic paint Arco Iris are ready-to-use paints (no thinning required, no hardener to be added). They are also called monocomponent matt bases. To obtain a perfect application, repeatedly apply thin passes, never thick coats (it could create drips, but also cause a misdirection of holographic pigments). These paints are highly liquid and solvent-based: they dry very quickly. During the solvent evaporation, the paints can be covered one after another, or topcoated, which provides an excellent adhesion of the various passes.

Consumption and variations of holographic effects during motorcycle painting:
Holographic paint is semi-transparent and has a light silver hue. You can apply one or two thin passes to create an light effect sprinkled with rainbow-coloured pigments, or on the contrary, you can apply a maximum of passes until the background is completely covered with silver raibow particles.


For this reason, consumption is highly variable and ranges from 2sqm/L to 8sqm/L


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