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Stardust Metallic Polyester Glitters - A Series

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Metallic decoration polyester glitter, brand Stardust® under vacuum, colors resistant to high temperatures, hexagonal precision cutting, delivered in powders of different grain sizes from 0.05 to 6 mm.

Pots of 1kg, 5kg or 25kg

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Vacuum-packed metallic polyester Glitters, high temperature resistant colours, hexagonal precision cut, delivered in powders of different Glitter sizes from 0.05 to 6mm.

Resistant to solvents and temperatures up to 180 °C. Cans of 1kg, 5kg or 25kg

The A Series includes 98 references of opaque and metallic Glitters covering the whole colour spectrum, with a wide range of colour variations.

Among these 111 references, some specialties such as special round glitters, heart shaped glitters, 3 white ones including the famous Pure Silver, 3 "embossing" glitters 18K Gold, Shinny Gold, Light Red and 3 fluorescent Mat

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The proposed standard Glitter size is 200μm. These references are always in stock and ready for immediate delivery*. We can produce Glitters in all sizes (see PDF Glitters size) from 0.05mm up to 6.0mm

Application fields:

Metallic Glitters are widely used in the cosmetics, decoration, plastic and paint industries.

Metal Flakes Stardust


Prices for 1kg, 5kg or 25kg are displayed on this page. For larger quantities, degressive rates are applied.

The prices are higher for Glitters of 100μm and 50μm sizes

Compare the quality of Stardust metallic polyester glitters with those on the market!

Appearance: our high quality Glitters have an exact hexagon and regular shape, neatly cut with the highest accuracy, without defects or cutting marks. Whatever the size, even with the thinnest one (0.05mm), the cutting is perfect and shows no difference. A thin non-rusting metallized coating provides a reflective mirror effect.

Questions and answers:

Q: Can the Glitters for decorative applications and industries be used in all paints, topcoats and coatings?

A: Stardust® Glitters are always very stable in standard formulations, regardless of the parameters to which they can be subjected to, such as pH levels, temperatures, water, alcohols and solvents.

Q: How to incorporate them into formulations?

A: The Glitters are light and very thin, only a small percentage of Glitters is required in the mixtures, paints, plastic, or by gluing. A ratio of 2 to 9% is recommended. Incorporation into plastics is simple: agitation, hand or mechanical mixing can be used.

No additives are required. Depending on the viscosity of the mixture before application, the Glitters may sediment more or less quickly.


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