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Stardust Iridescent Glitters - C Series

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Our range of iridescent decorating glitters consists of finely cut particles that produce a unique interfering color change effect.

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Polyester Iridescent Glitters, special effects of changing colour reflections, depending on the angle of view.

Colouring at high temperature and metallization using a vacuum-system,

the Glitters are perfectly hexagonal with high-precision mechanical cutting.

The C Series features 39 types of iridescent Glitters, semi-opaque, with vibrant colours, that create a particular reflection.

Some are fluorescent (NEON range), like the famous Neon Green, and some are white with magnificent opalescent effect such as C14 Purple, C22 Multicoloured and C25 Gold

> Find them on our colour chart

Type and Resistance characteristics:

Solvent- and water-resistant polyester Glitters.

Good resistance to temperature up to 110 °C

Fully resistant to UVs. No dyes or pigments are involved in the composition of the Glitters: their colour comes from layers of metallization.

Delivery: Cans of 1kg, 5kg or 25kg to order via the website

Standard size of iridescent Glitters: 200µm

Price: You can select on this page the product packaging and add it to your cart.

Refer to the PDF price list for large quantities.

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What is an iridescent interfering effect?

Our range of iridescent Glitters consists of finely cut particles that produce a unique interfering colour changing effect.

It provides a monochrome visual coloured and glitter effect (except for C22) which, under a light source, causes a colour change of the reflection when viewed at a certain angle.

Paillettes Iridescentes - Série C Stardust

Stock: All the references proposed in the menu are in stock. These glitters can be delivered within 24hrs after placing an order on the website. We produce upon request other Glitter models with a quick delivery time (approx. 15 days)

Use and compatibility:

Glitters are a versatile and economical material that leaves a very strong visual impression. Glitters are found in various fields of decoration, with industrial or craft processing. (Fashion, crafts, wall and floor painting, clothes and shoes, plastics, etc.)


Q: How to apply iridescent Glitters?

R: Mixing with clear coats/plastics/binders/glues/transparent resins, by gluing, or by dry spraying of powders on sticky surfaces, with or without stencils. Glitters can be immersed or at the surface. Glitters are semi-opaque, thus they are best used over light backgrounds.

Q: Should clear coat be applied over iridescent Glitters to make them shine and to protect them.

R: No, they glitter perfectly without topcoat and show an excellent resistance against outdoors attacks.

Special size

Do you need a very large or very fine iridescent glitter?

We can produce it for you from every order of 25kg in any Glitter size from 50μm to 6mm.

Refer to our Glitter size table, or send us a sample.

StardustColors is a reactive and dynamic company, able to provide to its customers the solutions they need, including the manufacture of custom glitters, with the desired shapes, sizes and colours. Stardust® Glitters are tested and certified through a strict quality control system; they are guaranteed, safe and reliable products.


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