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Our Chrome paint in Spray is a unique paint which creates a thin layer of mirror aluminum by evaporating 99%, on a hard and glossy background. The quality of the mirror chrome effect essentially depends on the hardness and the shine of the undercoat. This very technical paint is therefore a paint in two stages: base + chrome

The chrome spray paint is cost effective, non-toxic and imitates at 75% real chrome plating, with a mirror-like effect. The best way to judge about the quality of the finish is to watch the pictures or videos available on this product page.


Of course, this chrome spray paint contains the same chrome paint that is in the cans for professionals, and is intended for those who don't have a spraygun. To professionals, we strongly recommend the cans, that provide better quality of application.

USE: Automotive, design, decoration. Any materials can be painted, as long as the undercoat DIRECT BLACK GLOSSY LACQUER has been properly applied over.

Composition: Solvent-based paint

Coverage: 1 spray / around 0.5 and 0.75 sqm


2 stages to follow:


Use a smooth, hard and glossy surface as a support. If that type of surface is not available (glass, plastic...) then you must apply over our black glossy 2C lacquer (On this page we offer the choice of simple chrome paint, or a chrome paint kit + black base).

As a replacement for this black lacquer, you can use a two-component aerosol clearcoat (even harder and brighter than black lacquer), over a black basecoat paint.

Let this black and glossy undercoat dry at ambient temperature for 24 hours minimum to allow it to become perfectly hard and so that the solvents evaporate. The quality of the gloss and of the hardness of this undercoat is key to achieve a beautiful chrome effect. The black lacquer must be as hard, smooth and glossy as possible. Don't sand and don't use degreaser. You can simply clean the dust with a dry and soft piece of cloth.

Application Summary:
- Break the aerosol
- Apply 1 or 2 glossy coats, with 5-10 min intervals
- let dry 24 hours minimum



Shake well the spray before use. Set the nozzle that is provided with the spray to have the thinnest flow paint . Apply over in quick passes (4 to 5 coats are necessary), allowing 30 to 60 seconds between each coat. NOTE: In general, and especially by cold or humid weather, the evaporation process needs to be improved with the help of a source of hot air (hairdryer) between each coat. You will see the chrome finish to form during the evaporation.

Allow to dry at room temperature for a minimum of  48h minimum and as long as possible (see video)

Application Summary:
- Shake the aerosol
- Apply 5 ultra thin layers, with 2 min intervals
- let dry 24 hours minimum

Chrome topcoating must be done with a spraygun, by preference for paint, so as not to lose the chrome effect ( it’s necessary to begin the topcoating with 4 to 5 extremely thin passes, with 1 to 2 minutes between each.

From the thinness of the coats, will depend the mirror-like effect. Apply normally after the clearcoat. If you want to use a topcoat in spray, then let the chrome spray paint to completely dry for at least two weeks.

t's possible to colour chrome by applying over it our Candy topcoat in spray  (See in our section CANDY / CANDY TOPCOAT )

Resistance: Does not yellow. Resistance to high temperatures. No fading. Low resistance to abrasion, it becomes as resistant as any automotive paint, when it has been topcoated.

When the chrome paint is not clearcoated: It keeps the maximum of its mirror-like effect and doesn’t peel. Topcoating will protect the paint however it dulls the mirror-like effect (varying on the skill of the painter and of the drying of the chrome paint). IMPORTANT: It's difficult to obtain good results on chrome paint with clearcoat in spray. Unless you let the chrome paint dry for at least 2 weeks, you will lose a big part of the mirror-like effect. NOTE : Once the chrome paint topcoated, avoid any shock with a sharp object, at the risk of cracking the topcoat and the peeling of both topcoat and paint.

Important Tip: To help promote adhesion with the glossy black background, a rapid flame treatment can be performed (passing briefly the gas flame 1 or 2 times) just prior to the application of the chrome spray paint. Similarly, to facilitate chrome topcoating without losing the mirror-like effect, a brief flame treatment can be carried out on chrome painting before applying the clearcoat.

To get the best chrome effect:
The Chrome effect quality depends all on the gloss and hardness of the basecoat: 
the dryer is the basecoat, the better the chrome effect will be.

To achieve the best chrome effect, we recommend an extended basecoat drying time: The basecoat can dry from 2 to 14 days at room Temperature (20°C) and it can be cured with oven to accelerate the process, for exemple 60°C : 24h or up to 180°C / 30minutes

Redo the chrome plating of the headlight reflectors:
The metal coating forming the reflective part inside the headlight optics sometimes deteriorates under the effect of oxidation or heat. It is possible to restore this chrome aspect in its reflectors with the two aerosols: special black lacquer + aerosol
- sand the areas to be painted with 500 paper then mask the areas to be protected.
- Apply the BESA NATO black lacquer in aerosol, and let it dry and harden 7 to 14 days for the best results. Then apply the chrome paint.
- After a few minutes of drying you can polish and polish gently with a cotton pad. It's finish !
This paint system gives an excellent mirror appearance. It will be useless to varnish it.

To repaint the inside of the headlight optics, there is a simpler solution, it is the Go Chrome spray paint

The application to the aerosol is much less easy than gun, we strongly recommend using our 'SPRAY CAN GRIP HANDLE'


Chrome Spray Paint

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MSDS Chrome spray




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