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Fast base-topcoat for chrome plating

New product

Undercoating and varnishing for chromium effects

Accelerated hardening and high gloss

Packaged in kit

(500 ml / 1 L / 2 L)

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The chrome plating base* is a new two-component "ceramic" type topcoat manufactured by Stardust, which has two particularly interesting properties :

- Very high and very fast hardening

- Very high gloss


This allows the use of chrome paint in the best conditions, both as an undercoat and as a topcoat :

- By greatly reducing the drying time to obtain maximum hardness (7-14 days for conventional lacquers and varnishes) as opposed to 1-2 days for the topcoat ST8900X.

- By creating a very hard and glossy background that allows the sprayed chrome effect to fully appear.

What you need to know is :

The mirror effect depends on the hardness of the background : the harder the background, the more perfect the mirror. On the contrary, the softer the background, the more the chrome effect is blurred.

The chrome effect paint is semi-transparent and can be applied over any background color. A black background is usually recommended. However, a grey or white background (a primer for example) is perfectly suitable. The advantage of black is that it can be varnished more easily.

Appearance : colorless / transparent / glossy

Type : solvent-based

Use of the topcoat / base for chrome

- The product can only be used on primed materials prepared according to the rules of painting.

- The product can be used as an undercoat (hard primer) and then as (topcoat).

- the product is suitable for sprayable chrome paint, and also for silver plating (chemical chrome)

- Can be used on small or large parts.

- Excellent resistance to UV, temperatures (250°C)

This base for chrome can be found in the complete kit of sprayable mirror paint as undercoat and final topcoat.

Mixing :

Mix by weight exactly 1 part topcoat ST8900X with 1 part hardener H440. No dilution.

Detail of the offers :

Kit 500ml : 250 ml topcoat 8900X + 250 ml hardener H440

Kit 1 L : 500 ml topcoat 8900X + 500 ml hardener H440

Kit 2 L : 1 L topcoat 8900X + 1 L hardener H440

Mixture pot life : 20 min

Application mode :

It is advisable to apply a single glossy coat (i.e. 25µm dry).

Drying and hardening :

Although excellent hardness is obtained after only 2 hours, it is possible to wait 24 to 48 hours to reach maximum hardness and therefore the best chrome effect.

IR or oven drying is possible at 60°C or 80°C.

Varnishing :

When varnishing chrome paint, avoid "wetting" and "soaking" the mirror surface of the paint. Apply 4 veils as dry as possible to fix the mirror, with 2 min between each veil, then varnish 2 shiny coats.

Color :

The base/topcoat allows you to tint the mirror effect in order to give what are called colored chrome effects.

To do this, simply mix 2 to 6% "Candy" transparent dyes in the topcoat, or 1 to 3% in the topcoat/hardener mixture.





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