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Covering or "CarWrapping" allows to give a totally new look for your car, without expensive overall car painting job.
The process consists in the application of a non permanent adhesive film, which can be choosen among all our available references (colours or textures).
StardustColors distributes the Premium version of the brand TechWrap®


Teckwrap produces high quality PVC calendered vinyl films. The material offers good performance in terms of color pigment stability and strong adhesion.

It shows no shrinkage and its polymers allow high stretching, ideal for full car wrapping. The film is protected by a good quality coated backing paper designed for protecting the glue.

Product Features

3D Vinyl Carbon Fiber TeckWrap Motion 180 Series is made of a multilayer structure comprising PVC vinyl polymers and a release liner with a strong pressure-sensitive adhesive. The product is recommended for full vehicle wraps and is perfect for vehicle graphics and signage in general. No change of color is noticed even exposed to strong deformation, due to its thickness. The 180 series design makes it convenient and effortless to apply and to remove, thanks to its pressure-activated adhesive facilitating air escape.

Additional Features

Calendered carbon fiber vinyl film has a texture feel and a removable, pressure-sensitive adhesive that improves repositionning and installation. Its invisible air release channels enure fast air evacuation. Provides excellent dimensional stability under normal use and application as specified by the manufacturer's instructions.

Size available:

•Width of single roll (mm): 1.52m
•Length of roll (mm): 30m


Tickness: 0.16mm
Heat resistance: -50°C to +200°C
Durability: 3-4 years

Application : Please consult our 2 application guide (PDF in red)



I want a special color / pattern and i can't find it on your website, can i order it ?
yes, consult our catalogue and choose among the 90 availble reference. The minimum order is 1 roll (30m x 1.5m), and the delivery is done in 14 days max.

Where can I find data sheets for TECKWRAP products?
The Technical Data Sheets are available on our site www.TeckWrap.com under Professionals / Data Sheets.

I am looking for advice on how to install TECKWRAP products. Detailed Technical Instructions are available on our site www.TeckWrap.com under Professionals / Application Guides.

Does TECKWRAP have F / M rated products (materials with fire / smoke rating)?
A certain number of products are certified with an F and/or M rating. A copy of the certificate is provided on request.

Can I print on plotter vinyl?
These products are not intended for printing. Even if they are able to accept a print, TECKWRAP does guarantee neither the results nor the reproducibility.

The durability of removable films indicated in the Data Sheets is very short. What happens after that period?
The given durability indicates the ease of removal at the end of the durability of the film without leaving any significant adhesive residues on the substrate. Beyond this durability, it will be harder to remove the vinyl without leaving a large amount of adhesive on the substrate. The behaviour of the product will be more like that of a permanent adhesive.

Installing Colored films on glass: Is there a risk of damaging the glass through a thermal shock?

The covering of a part or the entirety of a glass surface with a tinted film may result in a localized heat build up compared to a non-covered area.
The extent of such a build up of heat depends on the exposure, the type and the color of the installed film. We know, for example, that the temperature increase can be up to:
- +10 to +15 °C for etched glass and transparent vinyls,
- + 30 °C for translucent films,
- + 40 °C for opaque films.
In all cases such a build up of heat cannot by itself provoke the deterioration of the glass. Nevertheless if a fault in the glass existed beforehand, the build up of heat due to the film may provoke a crack in the glass. Therefore make sure the glass is in perfect condition before the installation of the film.

Can I install a film with a removable adhesive on top of a film with a permanent adhesive?

The adhesion of one film on top of another can be done without problem. Nevertheless you will loose the removability of the film on top of the film with the permanent adhesive. It will be more difficult to remove the film after a certain time.


Instruction Covering

Instruction Covering

Covering Notice PRO

Covering Notice PRO


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