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This kit offers all of the essential products you need to realize an effect chrome finish on a whole car.

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Painting a complete car in chrome paint is a very ambitious project.

The painter must be aware of the difficulty of the project, and must master the particular technique of chrome painting, either by having already applied it in the past, or by having previously carried out tests.

The chrome paint suitably applied and varnished, will give an imitation of chrome which will not be able to match the appearance of a real chrome.

For the detailed implementation of the chrome paint:

> Refer to the chrome paint product sheet (main page) 
> Our technical advisor is at your disposal (Answers will be provided only to specific questions and not for the general application method available on our site)

The Chrome Automotive Kit includes:

Undercoat: 4L Black basecoat (ready-to-use paint)
and 1 CERASTAR 8900X varnish kit, (i.e. 1 L of 8900X varnish + 1 L H440 hardener)

Chrome paint: 4 L chrome paint (ready to use)

Varnishing: 2 CERASTAR 8900X varnish kits, (i.e. 2 L of 8900X varnish + 2 L H440 hardener)

All products are ready to use, with the exception of ceramic varnish, the mixture of which is:
1000g of varnish + 1000g of hardener
Pot life of the mixture: 20 minutes.

The delicate points are the undercoat and the varnishing.

Here is the standard information

1 / Undercoat: It will be carried out with the black base applied then varnished with ceramic varnish ST8900X so as to obtain a very shiny and very hard black surface.

Recommended drying 48h
For best results, favor a long drying (even if steaming), in order to obtain a really hard undercoat. The background should be as shiny as possible, not sanded, and not degreased. This part is decisive for obtaining a beautiful chrome effect. If the bottom is not dry enough, a dull chrome effect is obtained.

2 / Chrome paint: The 4 Liters supplied in the kit will normally allow the painting of any type of car. Application by thin veils. Drying of 24 hours minimum
Idem: A long drying will allow a better result after varnishing.
Apply the varnish after delicately cleaning the chrome paint with a microfiber cloth

3 / Varnishing: 2 CERASTAR 8900X ceramic varnish kits are provided for this purpose. The special technique of pre-varnishing by 4 dry veils spaced 2 minutes apart is very important in order not to affect the mirror chrome effect. The varnishing is then done in a classic way.

To obtain a colored chrome, just add our candy concentrates to the varnish.

Caution: The implementation of the chrome paint being done obligatorily on a shiny background, not sanding cannot give rise to a guarantee of adhesion. The informed customer takes all the responsibility in the event of detachment following a shock or other event likely to take off the paint.


Chrome paint UK

Chrome paint UK

Chrome paint application tips

Chrome paint application tips


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