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Candy Series - 11 Airbrush Transparent Acrylic-Polyurethane Colours

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Candy Series for WPU170 Airbrush

Manufacturer: StardustColors

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11 Transparent Candy colours, available in 60ml

Candy Acrylic Colours have nothing to envy to solvent-based Candy: they also provide translucent and intense shades.

The advantages of Candy colours are numerous, for example:

  • For drawing, especially portraits, to enhance different background shades

  • In bodywork, to colour the light and give deep glittering colours

  • For colouring of drawings, or transparent surfaces without opacifying

The Candy colours can be mixed with each other and create an infinity of hues.


Water-based paints - Acrylic-polyurethane 1K Basecoat with less than 0.6% solvents

The Candy series offers a choice of 8 transparent colours, that can complement the artist opaque range paints.

We recommend applying the Metallic and Pearl Series paints to create a real Candy system (reflective base + transparent coloured layer)

They can be applied directly over metals to give coloured metal effects.

Candy acrylic paints are finishes resistant to impacts, gasoline and water. They are fairly resistant to UVs and temperature (100°C)

What is a "Candy"?

It’s a name used to designate translucent colours. These are intense colours whose pigmentation is invisible, even under a microscope, and which let light pass completely through.


Since the Airbrush Candy Series Acrylic paints turn matt after drying, we recommend applying our WPU160 Topcoat to add gloss and depth.

Our TRANSPARENT WPU009 binder/medium product can be used to further thin candy tints.

The recommended base coats to apply Candy colors on top are the metallics / pearlized :
WPU101 White silver
WPU108 Solar Gold
WPU132 Raw Metal


Airbrush (all nozzles from 0.2mm)

Optional thinning up to 20% with our S5 or S6 thinners

Preference should be given to S6 Thinner when high resistance is needed and adhesion can be difficult

Air pressure: 2 to 4 bars (30-60PSI)

Spraying with repeated thin passes at a distance of 10 to 15cm from the substrate

Dry to the touch in 5min per coat at 20°C

Through drying in 3-4h at 20°C

Chrome Candy

By applying our Acrylic Candy WPU170 Series over the WPU150 Chrome Effect paint, we can obtain coloured chrome effects.

Cleaning: with our cleaner thinner

> Discover our new ultrasonic cleaners

Addition of H6 Hardener

With a mixing ratio of 1 to 4%, it provides further hardening of the paint (like a polyurethane paint)!


Tightly closed, in a cool place, sheltered from the sun for 12 months.

Stardust® is a European protected trademark


Effect acrylics Brochure pdf

Effect acrylics Brochure pdf


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