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Blue Fine Line Masking Tape 3mm x 55m
Rigid tape for multi-colour and design paint jobs. Designed for straight
line use.
Perfect for straight lines.

Customising Tape 12mm x 10m
Customising tape has eight lengths of pre-cut fine line tape
which can allow curved patterns to be created when
customising vehicles.
Perfect for flexible pinstriping.
8 stripes x 1.5mm (1/16”)

Striping Tape Olive 25mm x 14m
Pre-cut flexible fine line tape designed for making striping cars
a simple job allowing multitude of patterns.
Perfect for straight line pinstriping.

Green Fine Line Masking Tape
Highly flexible tape for multi-colour and design paint jobs. Easy to
Perfect for tight curves.

Precision Tape Yellow
2-in-1 Fine Line and Masking tape. Lays down flat. Flexible,
water-proof acrylic adhesive that prevents paint bleeding.
Perfect for straight lines and curves.


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