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Hydrographic Transfer Film - 32 different patterns to choose.

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Film for water transfer and hydrodipping + 30 patterns

including a Holographic pattern.

hardening films available for cutting to m²

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Water transfer printing, also known as Hydrographics or Immersion printing,

allows to apply, by dipping, onto the surface of an object, pre-printed patterns, provided as PVA inked film sheets.

The technique is simple and the results are quite impressive, in terms of quality and decorative imitation (wood, fibers, camouflage, skins...)

The process is well known to all, as it has been used for many years to create for example the wood paneling elements for dashboards.

Water Transfer Printing is applicable to all types of materials (from wood to glass), as long as the surface has been properly primed and/or prepared (cleaning, sanding, application of a primer )

Once the object has been decorated and top coated, it’s highly resistant and durable.

Please watch the videos on this page 



The first stage consists of degreasing, dusting, drying and sanding the object to create a good adherence.

In which cases should an adequate primer be applied to ensure perfect adherence ?

> On bare metals, plastic, glass and ceramics

A filler primer, that will need sanding, can be used on rough and irregular materials, such as wood.

Find all the primers in the section



Depending on the transfer printing film used,

you can choose a primer or a paint (1K basecoat) which colour is close to the colour of the film for semi opaque films

or a black background for transparent films :

Examples : Black colour for carbon fiber (transparent film)

Choose a light color for the snake skin effect

The background must be sanded finely, be dry and free of any potential contamination (silicones, grease).



Choose a dipping tank which is adapted to the size of the piece you want to soak in (deep enough, not too wide), and fill it with water at a constant temperature of 12 to 19°C.

Cut a piece of water transfer printing film, and apply masking adhesive tape all along these edges. The edges are taped to prevent any movements caused during the spraying of the activator chemical.

Carefully lay the film onto the water surface, facing downwards. Avoid air bubbles. Allow to stand for 1 to 2 minutes.


Apply a quick coat of film activator with a sprayer or a spray gun, at a distance of 20 cm.

Leave on for 5 seconds before to lower the object to decorate into the tank.

(Please respect the safety instructions when applying the product)


Lower slowly the piece into the dipping tank, with an inclination of 30 to 45 °, and with a progressive forward movement.

Once the object is fully immersed, disperse what remains of the film on the surface of the water, before to remove the piece from the water

Give the piece a long and thorough wash/rinse with hot water (around 50 to 60°C), to remove all ink residues that may be found on the surface of the piece

For very resistant materials such as metal, hot water may be used at temperatures up to 150°C.


Allow to dry thoroughly at room temperature or in an oven,

then a clear coat is applied to protect the design and give a beautiful glossy finish.

We recommend our automotive type UHS BS830 top coat, as it is among the strongest and brightest clear coats.

Storage :

The transfer film should be stored in a cool, dry place

Product catalogue


We can provide almost a thousand different various patterns. Ask anytime for our catalogue. Minimum Order : 100 or 250 sqm.

100m² = 500 €   250m²=1000 € (HT)


Additional Tips & Advice:

How to know the right side for film application? Simply run your wet finger across the surface, if it sticks, it's the right side facing down the water.

Do not put too much activator (1 pass is enough) and do not exceed the 15 seconds time of action.

After dipping the item in the water, hold it underwater for 5-10 seconds
Allow to dry for at least 1 minutes before to rinse:

Rinse thoroughly, until the oily layer disappears.

It is strongly advised to apply to our 2K Special Base for dipping all Cel-Dip substrates without sanding within 12 pm

Information for Carbon Films:

The 3 Hydrographic "Carbon" films have different pattern sizes:

GW12010 Opaque Carbon 1m: 5mm

GH112-1 Transparent Carbon 0.5m: 3mm

TSTR9031 Clear Carbon 1m: 4mm

Film patterns/Background colour Matching

Some films are opaque, others are transparent

Carbon GW12010:   White background or Light background

Carbon GH112-1Trans: Black background

Snake  GW2630: TAll lights Backgrounds, even pearls or metallics backgrouds

Snake Gold GM1208: White background or Light background

Bubbles GH158: All backgrounds except Black

Flame Skull GWR-006: White background

Wood GW2251: Brown background

Forest GW12526: White background

Dollar GH160 : White background

Marble GH006 : Light background

Mini Skull GWA147 : All lights Backgrounds, even pearls or metallics backgrouds

Puma GW12746 : White background or Light background

Zebra GW12484 : All backgrounds except Black

TSCF5084 LIGHTNINGS - Light background

TSCY197 ANTIC MAO - Light background

TSCY720 4DIMENSION - White background

TSCY884 WEAPONS - White background

TSCY1012 3DIMENSION - White background

TSDY1971 RED MARBLE - Light background

TSHQ003 INDIAN GRAPHICS2 - Light background

TSHW9036 INDIAN GRAPHICS3 - Light background

TSHY678 INDIAN GRAPHICS4 - Light background

TSKH121 MINISKULLS 2 - Light background

TSKH3015 CALIFORNICATION - Light background

TSKK923 MEXICAN STYLE2 - White background

TSKK9088 TRUE FIRE - Light background

TSKR9009 CASINO 2 - Light background

TSKR9010 DARK SKULL - White background

TSMX433 GANJA 2 - Light background

TSPM061   DARK SNAKE - Light background

TSNY 3002 HOLOGRAPHIC LASER - Black Background Recommended




Hydrodipping application guide

Hydrodipping application guide


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