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Drying reducer – Spraying improver S9


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Flow improver for acrylic paints

« Flow Improver » compatible with all acrylic brands.

It scatters pigments and thins paint for a better projection.

It delays drying.

It prevents paint from sticking on the needle tip.

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Flow promoter - Additive for airbrush paint

In airbrushing, the Flow Improver is generally useful for drawing and painting works. Its properties :

  • Anti-caking agent for nozzle and needle

  • Helps to thin

  • Drying delay

By painting with an airbrush, and particularly when drawing, the air flow tends to dry the paint sticking together on the needle tip.

With the Flow Promoter, the paint dries less quickly and clings less onto the needle.

The Flow Promoter is particularly useful for diluting and thinning the airbrush paints : it expands them by improving the pigments scattering.

It also improves the dry paint layer and the distribution of the pigments.

It can be used as well in hot temperature environments by delaying the drying time.

It removes the powdering effect and the air drying risk between the airbrush and the substrate.


It is an additive, only efficient on water-based acrylic paints.

A 5 % addition (one drop for 20 drops of paint ) gives good results.

The product is compatiple with thinners or can be used by increasing the dose up to 20%.

In return, the addition of Flow Promoter reduces the substrate adhesion.


The product contains less than 50% acrylic solvents. Respect safety instructions.

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