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3 Acrylic-PU Paint Thinners for Airbrush

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Acrylic thinner for airbrush 

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S6 SuperThinner

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Thinner : 2 Acrylic formulas

We propose 2 thinners and 1 cleaner for Airbrush

These water-based thinners contain less than 25% of harmless solvents.

Our thinners are compatible with all airbrush water-based paints existing on the market

Acrylic thinners allow to adjust the fluidity (thixotropy) of the mixture for airbrush painting:

thinner and cleaner for airbrush


One may wish to have a more fluid paint, to achieve very fine details,

or to help the passing through/improve the "flow” of a paint too thick in the nozzle.


The paint has less coverage power, the drying time is extended and the risk of drips is increased

Besides the price, what is the difference between S5 Thinner and S6 Thinner?

  • S5 Thinner is a standard thinner. It dries quickly, and can thin paints perfectly, it’s efficient and economical

  • S6 Thinner is a special high-end, slower thinner. It works best in summer, and it especially creates a dry paint film, harder and smoother, that adheres better to a substrate

The Cleaner can be used to take off, rinse and purge non-dry paints in the airbrush body and pipes.

For dried paints, the cleaning methods include the use of a solvent/thinner for overnight soaking + brushing, or the use of an ultrasonic cleaning system.

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