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Complete Kit for Scooter - Chameleon paint

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Complete Chameleon kit for scooter

The famous 'chamleons' have the abilitie to trigger a visual changing colour depending on the observers angle of view.
Our 35 chameleon colour range, includes some double, tripe or quadruple changing colour effect.
The choice of the colour/reference must be communicated to us  by mail or with a comment in the comment box during the order.
See the Chameleon color chart in the pdf attached.
To paint a scooter with our kit is rather simple if the application is made in total respect with the application guide (all instructions are written on the spraycans):
After a good cleaning, the different parts of the body (dismantled) and a quick scuffing/sanding with some P800 abrasives sheets (see our Abrasives section), one can mask all the parts that should remain covered.
One should then apply the 3 successive steps of the chameleon:
First the black basecoat, then the chameleon, and finally, the clearcoat. 
The kit includes:
- 3 spraycans for the undercoat (Black 1k basecoat)
- 3 spraycans of chameleon paint chosen
- 2 spraycans of High solid automotive clearcoat (2k spraycan with hardener included) 
Composition: Automotive solvented paint
Covering: 1 kit is enough for one scooter - at least 2sqm
Preparation: Sanded background (p800). Do not use degreaser!
Application : the 3 steps must be followed, and should not be applied with a delay longer than 30min to promote a perfect adhesion.
Basecoat: Application with 2 - 3 rapid passes until de fill covering.
Chameleon paint: Apply 4 or 5 rapid and thin coats. Do not spray overcharged passe.
Clearcoat: Apply 2 wet coats (followed within 1 or 2 minutes).
Our clearcoat is highly glossy, and resistant to watar and chemical (like gasoline) 
Safety: Harmful paint. During application, always wear a respirator mask, wear gloves, and spray in a well ventilated area.







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