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Invisible fluorescent spray paint

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Spray 400ml / 8 colours available
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Colorless fluorescent spray produces a perfectly invisible ink over any surface. Fluorescence, displayed through bright and glowing colours, appears only if illuminated with a black light lamp.

Warning: It is not a phosphorescent effect: this product works only under black light.

These are rare products, which come in a range of 8 colours.
Some shine more strongly than others: green, pink...
Some have a low glow: blue, purple...

Before applying the paint over a surface, do a test: they are solvent-based paints and can damage some plastics.
Black light spray can be applied permanently over fabrics.

The special nozzle enables colour gradients or even paint coats.

The advantage of painting with spray paint is speed: no installation, no tools to buy or to clean.

How to use:
Shake the can vigorously
Apply 1-4 quick passes
preferably over light backgrounds

the product may have a slightly whitish appearance on dark backgrounds.

Avoid sun exposure
Harmful material, use in a well ventilated space.
8 colours to choose

Performance: 1-2sqm maximum

Be careful not to apply a UV clearcoat!!


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