Imitation Gold Paint

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There are several types of Gold Paint:

– Classic car gold paint (with dye) (picture 1) Shines under a source of light (natural or artificial) and adds some luminosity to your painting projects 

- Pearl Gold paint (no added dye) (picture 2) Produces a bright and vivid colour and is easy to apply over any coloured basecoat and will add brilliance to your vehicle’s design

Diamond Gold Paint (picture 3) Transparent –  their gold effect is achieved by reflection of light. Made out of tiny pieces of glass that reflects the light and high temperature resistant

– Candy Paint (aluminum or pearl background) (pictures 4 and 5) More UV resistant, intense and fine quality dyes. Provides the highest quality finishes for designers, fabricators, artists, companies in the display, prototyping, motorcycle paint, etc.






– Real Gold Paint (picture 6)

Almost as fine as chrome paint – An exclusivity of Stardustcolors 

Gold chrome paint effect finish that literally looks completely reflective (mirror), and that exactly duplicates chrome plating or colored chrome finishes. Chrome gold paint can coat any type of material: metal, wood, glass, plastic, stone, fiberglass, ceramic, previously painted surfaces, galvanized metal, brick, concrete, as long as this later is smooth and has been previously prepared (follow standard practices and  procedures for properly preparing surfaces for the application and provide adequate ventilation)

This finish is achieved without toxic products. Perfect resistance to abrasion, chemical products, bad weather conditions and UV.

GOLD Effect
None of the above techniques can match the Candy on Chrome technique:

    Candy paint

How to paint a Gold chrome paint ?

Simply apply our Candy paint Yellow Gold 21 clear coat over chrome paint that has dried for 96 hours

chrome paint              Candy paint

Pearl paints for airbrushes


StardustColors provides small quantities of different paints packaged in small bottles specially designed for airbrushing. The perfect fluidity of the paint and their special dilution allows you to work easily and comfortably.
 Professional quality airbrush paint, suitable for model-making and tuning paint as well.


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  1. Dylan

    That gold chrome is pretty amazing! I want to paint all my chrome emblems on my black car this gold on chrome color so my whole car with be black with gold accents. (I think it would look amazing) but one little question of curiosity, I wouldn’t want my muffler tip (obviously chrome) ruining the whole color scheme of black and gold and was wondering about how I would go about getting a high temperature resistant gold chrome finish, maybe on my muffler tip and brake calipers peeking through my black rims with the same gold chrome as everything else? Is it possible? If so, how would I go about achieving this?

    • stardustcolors

      Dear sir,
      The chrome paint can resist high températures.
      That s not the case for the basecoat and the candy clearcoat.
      If you want to see all infos about this product, please go on the website : in the chrome category

      best regards

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