Chrome Machine

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A good alternative to the “sputtering” process and galvanization.

The Chrome Machine perfectly reproduces chrome look and other metallic colours: aluminium, stainless steel, copper, bras , gold, etc.

This is a unique machine with a system of spray guns and a complete professional portable equipment, in order to start your chrome paint immediately. It fits easily in small paint booths or in a large area of ​​production.

The manufacturing quality  guarantees a precise and perfect chrome paint job.
The machine is supplied with a full technical datasheet  to enable you to realize your projects.

You will obtain the desired 100%  “mirror effect”.

How does it work?
Pure silver plating is used, under a stream of distilled water. The chrome is then protected with a polyurethane topcoat.
Depending on the size of the paint booth, you can chrome as many pieces as you wish , and with a little practice you will able to chrome larger parts.
Note that the machines from competition allow you to chrome only small parts with good results.

Candy on Chrome:
By applying a Candy paint mixed with a clear coat on the chrome parts, you will obtain a “coloured chrome” for stunning special effects.Chrome paint

Some tips:
It is necessary to start with clean substrates such as a primer or a gel coat preparation, as any roughness or hole on the surface will be visible.
The list of substrates that can be worked with chrome paint is quite broad: plastic, metal, wood, polyurethane …
Chrome paintPlease note that the Chrome paint will not erase defects, but, on the contrary, will reveal them: because chrome paint is highly reflective, it will highlight any imperfection.

It is best to avoid long exposure to UV (in a stationary position, during the day or the night) as a slight yellowing over time will appear.
Chrome that are slightly black and gold will not see their pigments change.

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  1. ali reza Anisi

    hi sir.
    we are one of the oldest company in electroplating industry in iran.if you have high quality and good price we want to be your representation in IRAN.
    we need chrome machine from your company , if you wish send more details a bout your system & all of accessories and materials .please give us invoice .
    best regards DJ: AliReza ANISI

  2. Sham Nagarkar

    Hello Sir,
    This is Sham Nagarkar from India. We are having paint shop carrying cars and bikes paintings works. It seems interesting about your chrome and gold spray painting. We are interested in it to have this setup ( chrome painting and gold candy painting along with different fluorescent colors) . It will be pleasure if you could send us information about your franchisee , dealer in India. Also it will be pleasure if you could send us the offer for the same. Please share your catalog also.


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