How to repaint your 2CV bodywork?

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In 1948, when the type A 2CV was released during the post-war period, these cars displayed a unique metallic paint colour : Gray 109.

With the success growth in the post-war years, during the 50s and 60s, 75 new shades, specific to the vintage 2CV cars, have emerged until the end of the 1980s, such as the Monte Carlo Blue, the Palm Grove Green or the Cormorant Gray.

Find the original car paint

For this, it is necessary to find its original colour code (specified on the engine board, the doors, the hood, etc.). All colour codes start with AC.

For 2CV cars, we choose a paint called “2K paint” (two-component gloss paint). After mixing with a hardener, you have 30 minutes to apply it. It’s a finish that does not require topcoat application.


Car paint 2CV

Let’s move now to the 4 steps to redo your car paint and the advice of a professional for a long-lasting and quality work :

1. Prepare the substrate

Scrape and remove oxidized areas and those where paint does not adhere. Sand with 220 grit paper.

2. Applying the primer

Apply an anti-corrosion primer on the bare areas of body or metal to ensure good body protection

Then apply a filler primer on the entire body. Sand with 320 grit paper to achieve a smooth surface.

3. Last checks

To succeed your painting project, moisten the floor well to fix dust, clean your spray gun, purge your air compressor and accumulated moisture filter.

Degrease with a degreaser (don’t use white spirit or acetone!)

With a blow gun, blow the dust on the body and on your coveralls.

Car paint 2CV

4. The car paint

It all takes just a few minutes to succeed several hours of preparation:

A successful car paint must have gloss: This is a delicate task. Watch out for drops! If you load too much, the paint will drip, and on the contrary, if you do not apply enough paint, it will lack gloss.

Tip: practice on plates before you start the paint job. Keep the spray gun always straight facing the substrate, at a constant distance and steady speed. Apply 2 passes (allow 5-10 min between each coat). Then let dry in a warm and dry atmosphere.

If you have trouble finding your bodywork tint, here is the page that lists all the 2CV car paint colours with their years of release.

Car paint 2CV

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