Chrome paint

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We use only the highest quality raw materials when manufacturing this paint.

chrome paint


In comparison with chrome paints of competing brands, our chrome paint is by far superior, according to many users reviews:
-Pure mirror chrome aspect
-Very pleasant to work with, non harmful
-Instant dry
-Good concentration and coverage power
-Excellent adhesion

Chrome spray paint

chrome spray paintWe have developed the first chrome spray paint that creates real chrome look on all small size objects. The spray is equipped with a special nozzle and the paint is always used on a black, hard and glossy background.

How to make chrome paint ?

chrome paintchrome spray paint


chrome paintWe cannot guarantee the perfect adhesion of the chrome paint as it is applied on a surface that is obligatorily not sanded.
However, chrome paint shows excellent adhesion.
Paint adhesion tests, including by tearing, shows adhesion strength up to 4MPa.

What NOT to do : Never polish, nor use polishing products such as PolyLustre, or a polisher for the undercoat, or the paint will peel.

Excellent resistance

Chrome paint, once it has been clear coated, is as resistant as any automotive paint.

-Resists to high temperatures up to 300°C.
-Not sensitive to UV sun rays.
-Can be sanded and re top coated to repair a scratch

Any type of substrates (plastic, polycarbonate, metal,  aluminium, wood) can be used as a support for Chrome paint.

Coloured chrome paint

Candy paintYou can also combine chrome paint with our Candy paint colours to get coloured chrome mirror finish (as shown in the picture below). The effect is very simple to achieve.

After having applied the chrome paint and let it dry thoroughly, add a few drops of concentrated Candy paint to the clear coat, mix and apply directly on the chrome surface.

The result is always amazing.

chrome spray paintOur chrome paint also exists in GOLD effect complete kit, that provides a very close imitation of gold mirror like surface, also designed for various types of substrates, for an unique shine.

Our chrome paint is proposed in different packings and is available immediately in stock.


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  1. Erik de Laurens

    Dear Sir,
    Foster and Partners are an architectural practice based in London.
    We are currently looking for chrome coatings to use on glass fiber reinforced plastic. It is for an element of a bridge on the crossrail station in Canary Warf.
    I was hoping you could send me some information on durability of your chorme paint as well as a sample.

    I look forward to your reply,

    Many thanks and kind regards,


  2. Rachel Wilding

    Hi, can you please let me know how available your Mirror Chrome Paint is? We require a trial pot asap and then look to purchase 4-5 Litres. I know other suppliers have issues with the supply of the raw material that goes into this paint (raw material now only available in USA). So that makes lead time into us 2-3 weeks which doesn’t bode well for our customers.

    I look forward to hearing from you

    Kindest Regards
    Ogle Models & Prototypes Ltd

    • stardustcolors


      You can find the products on
      to ship it to the USA, it will be obnly possible under concentrate form

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