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Chrome paint is the result of a technological innovation. It made its appearance  a few years ago and since then has become an affordable product.

This product  allows to paint a chrome like finish on any type of substrate (metal, aluminium, plastic, wood, polycarbonate) with a 90% guaranteed chrome effect.

Very easy to use, with a spray gun, and doesn’t require any special equipment!

Its other big advantage is that it is not harmful and environmentally friendly (composition: 95% alcohol)


Chroming rims

Chrome paint is suitable for auto parts like wheels or bumpers. In such cases, top coating is essential to protect the paint from shocks and scratches.


Decorative chrome plating

Chrome plating is a popular finish, not only in automotive paint, but also in the field of design, bottling and industry.


Methods of chrome plating

The other methods for chrome plating are:

– the chrome machine (quite expensive)

– the chrome galvanized bathroom (now highly regulated in Europe)

– the chrome vaccuum plating (pieces limited size)

The mirror chrome paint, manufactured by Pearls and Flakes, is by far the best compromise in term of cost and time.

You will clearly see big savings and gain of time.

A 250ml can allows to paint 8 rims!


Applying chrome paint

The painting itself is quite easy.

The most important is to have prepared the surface with a hard, glossy and black undercoat prior to the painting. The harder and glossy it s, the better chance of getting a beautiful mirror chrome effect.

Chrome paint dries instantly, but requires 2 to 4 days to fully cure.

Chrome paint can be baked at 150 ° C to accelerate the drying of the paint.

The delicate stage is the top coat that requires a great deal of skill. But thanks to the significant experience we have developed with our clients, we have designed a simple technique to clear coat over the chrome paint.

WITH TOP COAT                                       WITHOUT TOP COAT


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    please can you tell me what is the price of this machine ???
    and what are the prices of the liquids ??? thank you

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