Chrome paint system – Industrial version

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Chrome paint system – Industrial version

The StardustColors chrome effect paint is the best on the market: it produces a true mirror chrome effect.
The chrome paint effect is easy to apply using a spray gun over a gloss hard background.

The mirror layer is composed of aluminum flakes and is only a few micron in size once dry.
Yield: 4 to 5m²/L

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Different from the system on sale to the general public, the industrial chrome paint system provides an excellent level of adhesion between the coats (base/chrome/topcoat) and a shorter implementation time, for automatic paint lines The industrial system requires baking.

This system consists of two products
CB7: For the undercoat and the topcoat
CHR: Chrome effect paint

The CB7 Base exists in 3 different kinds of packaging
1.65L Kit (1L CB7 + 150ml Hardener CCB7 + 500ml Thinner)
8.5L Kit (5L CB7 + 1L Hardener CCB7 + 2.5L Thinner)
33L Kit (20L CB7 + 3L Hardener CCB7 + 10L Thinner)

The chrome effect paint exists in 3 different kinds of packaging

CB7 Topcoat
The CB7 Base will have a dual use: it will serve as a gloss and hard base to receive the chrome paint, and will also be used for the clear coat application.
This is a clear polyurethane topcoat that ensures adhesion with chrome paint without sanding. CB7 adheres directly to many plastics and metals.
Mixture: by weight, 100 parts of CB7 + 15 parts of Hardener CCB7 + 20-50 parts of Thinner
It is recommended to apply the CB7 Base over a black background for best results.
The CB7 Base is applied in 1 or 2 thin passes.
After 10 minutes of desolvation, proceed with baking
Recommended thickness: 25µm dry
Baking* of the CB7 Base:
1h at 100°C / 2-3h at 80°C / 3-5h at 60°C and minimum 3-7 days at room temperature > 20°C
*Ventilated baking
These recommendations are valid to get the best results.
Baking time can be shortened. Incomplete drying will produce a less perfect mirror effect.

Single-component ready-to-use product – Alcohol-based
The CB7 Base should be covered with the Chrome paint immediately after its temperature has dropped below 40°C
The chrome paint is applied in very thin repeated passes, until the surface is covered.
Allow a 20 seconds interval between each coat at 20°C
The chrome paint is immediately dry to the touch.
In order to facilitate the topcoat application without losing the mirror effect, it is recommended to bake the paint or use a flame treatment
5min at 100°C / 10min at 80°C / 20min at 60°C and minimum 48h at 20°C

Clear coat application is carried out with CB7, with prior very thin passes in order to fix the surface of the chrome paint without wetting it.
Then apply 1 or 2 passes

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