Phosphorescent Helipad

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Photoluminescent Helipad:

Building a phosphorescent helicopter landing pad implies that it has to be visible at night, in complete darkness, without the use of electrical runway lights on the ground or other retro-reflective equipments.

An helipad with phosphorescent marking brings considerable benefits to both the civil and military fields:
No matter where it is located, even in the middle of a desert, the helipad markings will be luminous even without power supply:
It’s a limitless green renewable energy source: The phosphorescence, which primarily charges itself using sunlight.

The photoluminescence, according to its intensity and the size of the marking on the ground, will be visible at night up to 100m

Photoluminescent ground marking for helipad

The EPOXY 90000 High Resistance Photoluminescent Floor Paint emits a green fluorescence during the night for more than 8hours.
It creates a coating that provides high resistance to rain, chemical aggressions, UVs and mechanical abrasion from heavy traffic.
The system is composed of multi-layer painting easy to apply:

Ground preparation:
Washing, degreasing, dedusting, moss removal

Laying masking adhesives, reserving and hiding parts to be painted for the design of the photoluminescent helipad.

The photoluminescent paint used to make luminous the helicopter landing pad is a semi-transparent and colourless paint. It requires a white background for effective light reflection.
The EPOXY White Primer is applied in 2 coats at intervals of one hour. It effectively impregnates all concrete, asphalt and stone substrates.

Phosphorescent coating:
3 to 4 passes can be applied with a drying time interval of 1h to 24h max between the coats.
You can obtain a good phosphorescence with 3 passes. With 4 coats or more, it will increase in intensity.
Care will be taken to ensure that good adhesion exists between each of the layers, never exceeding 24h.

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