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StardustColors is a leader in Europe in the manufacture of photoluminescent paints and materials.
 Our products are aimed at private individuals and at safety, design and architecture professionals.

What is the aspect during the day ?

Our phosphorescent paints are more or less colourless and transparent during the day. The most colourless ones are the purple, the white and the red. While green and blue green are of a greenish white colour.

What is their lifetime ?

Our photoluminescent products are from the latest generation and thus have a very good resistance to UV and an estimated lifespan of 15 to 25 years. Our special polyurethane formulation gives them an incomparable solidity.






PU paints for outdoors are suitable for floors and walls, are perfectly liquid-proof and resistant to chemical products, can bear temperatures above 150°C. Be careful with the support used: different substrates require different adhesion primers in order to get a quality work : Wood, Aluminium, Metal, Plastic, Paint, Concrete…

StardustColors manufactures a second version, ultra concentrated : the SIGNAL phosphorescent paint.

The composition of this remarkable paint is the same, and allows to obtain a phosphorescence 2 times stronger.

On what depend the intensity and duration of

phosphorescence ?

– On time: The luminosity curve (see the table below) shows a decline with time. After several days the residual phosphorescence will be reduced to nothing.

On the thickness of the coat of paint: The thicker it is, the more it will absorb light. To be more specific, the more coats of paint are applied, the longer the phosphorescence will last and the more intense.

On the type of colour : Some colours last longer and have a stronger intensity: the strongest one is green, followed by blue green. The other colours are of medium (red, white, blue) or of low intensity (purple).

On the light source : The phosphorescent paint needs enough natural or artificial light sources to charge.

On the ambient luminosity: The phenomenon of phosphorescence will appear in total darkness. A parameter to take into account, as in some high luminous places (e.g., The city at night with urban lightings), it will lose all or part of its luminosity.

On the temperature : It’s a criteria to bear in mind because the cold slows down the molecules that produce phosphorescence, while heat makes the molecules excited !

On the colour of the background: Phosphorescent paints being transparent, they reach their maximum intensity when applied over a white background. On the other hand, a black background will limit their intensity to the minimum.

 Stardustcolors is the first company that proposes a polyurethane paint which is 100% water based and solvent-free, and which displays the same resistance qualities. This version is ideal for an indoor application, odourless and without toxic fumes (stairwells, schools, hotels…)

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    requesting a paid sample to cover 1m2 for inside traffic epoxy photo luminescent paint with epoxy primer and epoxy protective varnish

  2. Omar Abou Ibrahim

    requesting a paid sample to cover 1m2 of epoxy photo luminescent paint, epoxy primer, and epoxy protective varnish. Samples to be applied in Jeddah Saudi Arabia


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