Artists, Designers, Architects !!

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StardustColors specializes producing paints

for automotive, but not only!

Our paints prove big hit with architects and designers

Today, a very large number of European or International clients, are interested in our pigments and in our special effects paints.

  • Architects and interior designers
  • Sculptors, designers (works of art, furniture…)
  • Manufacturers and scientists (clocks makers, chemical industry)
  • Bottling (perfumes, crystal glassware)


Our photoluminescent paints and materials

Our phosphorescent paints and photoluminescent products are also very popular and often represent an innovative solution for :

  • Buildings welcoming general public, to ensure safety in performance venues, trains, hotels, nightclubs.
  • Events during the day or at night

High tech products designed for artists

Everybody agrees that we offer the technical expertise and the necessary advices for the study and achievement of ambitious projects.

From the preparation of substrates such as concrete, or aluminium cladding, to the application of phosphorescent paint for architectural and artistic projects or of chrome paint resistant to bad weather conditions.


Our paints can be applied over various substrates such as glass, woods and mediums, metals or plastics and allow to many artists, sculptors and designers to fully realise their ideas.
 We propose a full range of adhesion primers.

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  1. Helen Oakes

    Im interested in iridescent and phosphorescent paints for external use for the underside of a road bridge in Derby. Can you inform me the range and some examples where theyve been used externally please?

    • stardustcolors

      We produce 2 types of photoluminescent paint for outdoors : PHU2K and EPOXY for floors.
      They are highly resistant. Consult our website or contact us by mail to get the catalogue.

      An iridescent effect can be created by adding some diamond pearls into a topcoat over the glow paint.

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