Marbled effect with oakum

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We will show you how to get a very impressive yet easy to achieve marbled effect.

To obtain the marble effect with oakum, you need:
– An aluminum type metallic base
– A black base*
– Concentrated candy
– Clear coat
– Some oakum*

Base*: this means a matt base for topcoating
Oakum**: often made of horsehair. Material used in masonry, at a low cost, in the form of fiber pack.

The marble effect with oakum can be performed on small or large surfaces.
It consists of a monochrome effect producing a maximum contrast between two colours: aluminum grey and black. The whole is tinted in the final phase, producing a bright, deep colour with an illusion of relief due to the oakum.

1 – Apply the Bright or Coarse (large grain size) aluminum base over the car body.
It is recommended to add 2 to 5% of hardener to solidify that base.
Allow to dry completely and sand with a green or grey abrasive sponge

2 – Untangle the oakum, unpack it and put it over the grey base: The oakum is used as a stencil; spray some black coats over the oakum, and when everything is removed, the negative image of the yarns is obtained. Continue being sure to vary the patterns to achieve a natural look. This requires to unravel the oakum and stretch it to obtain new shapes and patterns.

3 – Apply the candy (by mixing the concentrated candy in the transparent base binder to topcoat or in the clear coat).

And there you have it!


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