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Glitter effect paint Kit for motorcycle

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Combining a retro and yet very trendy look, the Stardust® glitter effect paint meets with great success with bikers of all kinds.
Stardust® has prepared a paint kit for motorcycle with "Candy sparkle effect", including clear and detailed instructions :

The kit offers several possibilities and options, such as choosing the size of the flakes and the final colour (candy topcoat)
Option choice must be specified in the comment box during the order process.

Paints are supplied in pots, and must be applied using a spraygun.


The Candy metal flakes Kit offers a deep, translucent color, with a sparkling and glittery effect.
This Candy metal flakes effect is quite unique as it involves large silver plastic flakes (the METAL FLAKES), which, when applied, overlap and are positioned at different angles, creating a sparkling relief that varies depending on the viewing angle.

Process :

The application is done in 4 steps:

1 - Basecoat: A basecoat must be applied first, it can be a black colour basecoat (for a dark effect clearly showing the flakes) or an aluminium gray for clear effect.
Apply thin and repeated passes until it covers the background. Go to step 2 within 30minutes.

2 - Metal Flakes: Metal flakes are pre-mixed with a transparent base then sprayed with a spray gun.
You have the choice between different sizes: 50¾m, 200¾m, 400¾m, 600¾m
Add 125g of Metal Flakes in one liter of diluted binder
Dilution of binder: 100 parts of binder / 70 parts of thinner

Caution: for sizes 400 and 600¾, you will need a gun with a very large nozzle (2.5mm)
Apply at a distance of 30/40cm from the support, by repeated coats to cover the background. Go to step 3 within 30minutes.

3 - Smoothing: Apply multiple coats of UHS clearcoat to cover the flakes and create a smooth surface.
Allow to dry for a full night, and wet sand lightly with 1200 grit, then skip to step 4.

4 - Candy: Application of transparent Candy colour as a resistant and glossy topcoat
You have the choice among several Candy colours (see Candy colour chart in PDF)

The offer includes:
- 1 Litre of Basecoat (black or BC1 aluminium gray)
- 1 Litre of HS Binder + 1L Thinner + 250g Metal Flakes
- 1 Litre of UHS topcoat + 330ml hardener + 150ml thinner
- 1 Litre of Candy clearcoat + 330ml hardener + 150ml thinner

Coverage performance: 2.5 to 3sqm.

To get more product for large size motorcycles
here are the Metal Flakes
To mix the flakes:
here is the transparent binder HS
or UHS clearcoat
and the candy clearcoat


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