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Phosphorescent sofubi paint

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Two bright SOFUBI colors

to make your Sofubi figurine and dolls glow in the dark !



Sofvi paint for PVC figurines,

Extra hardness and flexibility

Permanent on PVC

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The photoluminescent is a natural phenomenon "Phosphorescent" (synonymous term) that works by reaction to light: The light energy that is visually perceptible in the dark is allowed with phosphorescent paints by capturing and accumulating daylight or artificial light

Sofubi phosphorescent paints allow surprising optical effects of phosphorescence. The phenomenon persists in an unlimited way even after tens of years.


Stir well before use and shake until the pigment sediment is thoroughly mixed.

Thin from 50-70% depending on application with HKT106-108 thinner


The HIKARI Toy formula is specially designed for PVC vinyl surfaces and supports:

it offers a total adhesion, flexibility, a very fast hardening, and an exceptional resistance.

Finish : glossy. Re-varnishable finish if needed.

Caution: flammable and harmful product. Please read the MSDS before use.

Hikari phosphorescent paints for toys are not radioactive.

Use the cleaning thinner to rinse and clean tools after use

How to achieve a good phosphorescent effect?

A white background, a light background, or a bright color (for example: fluorescent yellow) is necessary.

On medium to dark colors, the luminous effect is inoperative.

It is important to apply as many coats as possible to have an optimal phosphorescence.

The best method is to spray with an airbrush to have an even distribution of pigments. It is important to paint as many coats as possible : with a large number of coats you will get a perfect coverage.

Photoluminescence phenomenon

The operation is rather simple: You must expose the area painted in phosphorescent to a light for 5 to 15 minutes

Then the phosphorescent figurine is able to glow or to be visible in total darkness for more than 8 hours

The GREEN and TURQUOISE colors have different levels of luminosity and persistence. The natural green color is the strongest




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