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MASKITO® liquid mask for all painting techs

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Liquid gum for plastic arts and bodywork
Allow to hide and hide
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Liquid masking product all substrates

In the field of decorative paints, the liquid mask makes it possible to make reserve zones, and to mask or protect certain parts of the surfaces to be painted.
Maskito is particularly practical in areas where it is difficult or impossible to apply masking adhesives.
The silicone product is non-hazardous.

Application :

It can be applied with a brush or even with an airbrush or spray gun (after dilution with water of 5 to 30%)
It is important to rinceau the tools immediately after use, with clear water.

Maskito removal is easy: it can be done manually, or with the tip of a cutter, or even with an abrasive sponge and water

This liquid delivered in a "liner" felt makes it possible to mask very fine areas before painting, without adhesives, without cutting. It dries very quickly and leaves no silicone or glue residue


- Non-hazardous product
- Ultra fast drying
- Compatible with all types of acrylic or solvent-based paints.
- Leaves no glue residue
- Easy to remove whatever the type of support, Maskito does not hang on the support
- Dilutable with water (up to 50%) to create a thinner layer

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